Hurricane damage and wildlife

Living in paradise has it’s pitfalls. Recently Hurricane Irma tore through the state of Florida, damaging properties and leaving thousands without power. This also disrupted the homes of local wildlife. Raccoons, Armadillos, Opossums, Rodents, Bats and Iguanas all had to relocate to find shelter. Unfortunately for residents with damage to their homes this could mean something moving into their attic. Broward Wildlife Control already received multiple calls from residents on both coasts from Hollywood all the way up to Daytona Beach and Fort Myers to Sarasota with animals moving in. Soffit damage leaves an entry point for these wild animals to move into your attic or crawlspace and make a nice cozy home. Luckily with Humane trapping and exclusion from the home evicting these unwanted room mates is a simple process that will allow home owners to move on with the more important things, like getting back to the beach.


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